1296538591 System PreferencesComputer Repairs

We have a dedicated team on call ready and able to fix almost any problem, making that one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

1296537804 Intranet1Networking

For all your network needs ask us and we’ll make sure that everyone in your home or office is connected; be it to the Internet, your internal server or email.

1296538160 LaptopSales

Computer components, keyboards, displays, web cams, hard drives, printer cartridges, casings, covers, software, Apple products + more.

1296538533 SafariInternet Café

We offer a speedy connection (including WiFi) at competitive rates. Have a coffee while you wait/surf. You can expect help from our knowledgeable staff.

coffee2Coffee Shop – Hola Café

We serve breakfast and lunch with some of the finest coffee on the Garden Route.